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Find out what your entire final exam schedule is so that you’ll know how many finals you will have on each day.  Make a schedule for yourself indicating when you will study for each test.

Happy learning!


St. Dominic High School officials give credit to their students for working hard and showing commitment to achieving higher test scores. School officials also give credit to their partnership with St. Louis Learning for students receiving scores up to three points higher on the ACT. The positive results and feedback from parents, students and school officials has led other schools to seek our help.

Next school year, we will continue to offer our individual and small group test preparation courses in addition to working with a few area high schools. We are excited about expanding our reach to help more students achieve higher test results. As always, our focus will be on individual accomplishments.

If you would like more information about our test preparation courses, please contact us at (636) 536-6240 or


Center your attention on your students strengths! Give praise for all gains not just good grades.

Happy learning!


Never lose it, if you have it. Gain and cultivate it, if you don’t.

For students of any age, curiosity is at the heart of learning. If you find yourself asking a lot of questions during class, when you read, or just out and about; if you have an insatiable appetite for reading about things you just wanted to learn about that weren’t on your assigned reading list; you are a curious person.

I think we all are born with wanting to know Why? or How? or What?; but perhaps certain people whittled down your desire to understand the world around you. Perhaps some of your teachers forced you to only memorize with rote learning. Now, I’m not saying that memorization is bad. It certainly is a part of learning and is good. However, the driving force to learning is curiosity. 

How do you cultivate or grow it? I would say put yourself in the midst of other curious people. Granted they can be intimidating and sometimes annoying, but these students want to learn. They want to find out what makes something do what it does. Maybe you can’t find a group of them, so then find a person. Become their friend. Another thing that could help is reading about people who had/have this trait (i.e. Steve Jobs, Einstein, etc.). I know that I just put Jobs on the same line as Einstein; maybe that isn’t fair, but they both were great. And they both were extremely curious. 

If you want to build a foundation to excel in school; if you want to continue learning beyond school; if you want to find the heart of learning ask questions. Be curious. Learn. 

Happy learning.


ACT Crash Course with St. Louis Learning

The June ACT is quickly approaching!  Is your student needing a higher score?  

St. Louis Learning is offering 15 hours of prep the week before the test!  Come join us June 4th - June 8th from 12 to 3 to learn specific testing strategies for the English, Math, Reading and Science portions of the ACT.  

Cost for the course is $265, which includes a practice book of 10 full practice tests.  Call us today to save your spot!

Contact Robin: (636) 536-6240 // //